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Maintenance, software updates, tech support & the simplest,
fastest solution available for one low monthly price.

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November 2013 - Salient Stills was acquired in July 2013 by Digital Audio Corporation (DAC), a leading audio forensics company. The new combined company Salient Sciences will offer the most comprehensive and innovative audio and video forensics solutions to law enforcement and intelligence communities the world over. MORE

Tradeshows and Training
Please join us at Southwest NATIA in San Antonio, TX from January 23-24, 2013. Come view our VideoFOCUS and CARDINAL products and hear how about our plans for the future. Or stop by and see us at any of our other shows and events this year.

VFPro Training in January! Join Salient Sciences for a 2-day training on VideoFOCUS Pro on January 28-29 in Durham, NC. MORE

Built for you and with you.

Simplicity. Ease. Adaptability. Flexibility. VFPro and VFSource – the most innovative, effective forensic video and video image enhancement available is designed to provide law enforcement, government agencies, corporate security and media outstanding quality images more quickly, more easily than any product on the market today.

VideoFOCUS Pro 4.0 Now in Spanish and German!
The latest version of VFPro has arrived and its trilingual. Check out our new projects and archiving capabilities. Our new editing facility allows you to add titles to your movies. And new import and export functions improve your overall experience. MORE


You can afford it! With subscription pricing, get training, maintenance, multi-user capability and the power of VideoFOCUS for one incredibly low rate. MORE

“And while technology might never fully save us from an attack like the one we witnessed this week at the Boston Marathon, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. In a tech city as rich as Boston, there are plenty of people going about that very serious business...”
April 17, 2013