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VIDEOFOCUS PRO 4.0 is here

Here's a new idea. Forensic video that works the way you work. Efficiently, intelligently. Connecting you to the images and movies that capture the action with an ease no other forensic video solution can muster. You'll get through videos more quickly, bypassing all the multitude of steps that up until now have dogged anybody who had video to digitize, demultiplex and enhance. Cutting to the chase, as it were, to give law enforcement a complete forensic video tool that moves the way your brain thinks - toward solutions, not roadblocks.

VFPro 4 was created to provide law enforcement a faster, more intuitive, remarkably easy forensic video tool that's as agile as you need it to be, as complete as you want it to be.

Why VFPro 4 is changing the playing field

All the tools you need are suddenly all right there for you to use. You'll never have to think about piecing together various tools from various places, No more separate digitizing tool - or that freeware screen capture tool for proprietary video. You won't have to export data to a stand-alone demultiplexing tool and then re-import it into another app to perform yet another task. Or need to stop everything to launch image and movie enhancement tools like Photoshop or Premiere.

Everything you need to get the job done well – and fast – VFPro 4 does for you, and then some. So, yes, it's easier.

What's in it for you

  • Projects and Archives so you can group all your movies and images together to save them out and restore them when needed.
  • An advanced editing tool that means you can now trim, crop, and combine video clips. Even add still images and titles to your movies too.
  • New import and exports functions including importing still images and exporting audio separately.
  • New image processing filters for movies and stills makes for outstanding, unsurpassed quality output.
  • New camera stabilization makes it easier for you to view and present video evidence as well.
  • VFPro 4 creates and stores audit trails for you, to track the work you've done, compare and contrast, and access at any time.
  • New user interactions allow for quick review and inspection of details in movies and stills through zooming and dragging.
  • VFPro 4 brings an object tracking mechanism to the table, enabling users to select an object in an image and highlight its movements through a movie.
  • Internationalization - VideoFOCUS is now available in Spanish and German.

It all comes down to this

Of course, VFPro 4 still manages to bring in all the other qualities Video FOCUS has always brought to forensic video. The best demultiplexing system around. A time saving interface. And an array of capabilities built to take the frustration out of the creation of high quality, Court-worthy movies and still images.